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Sneak Peek Sunday: April Emerson's Out of the Dark

Coming December 4th from The Writer's Coffee Shop....

Out of the Dark by April Emerson

You can view the book trailer here.


He pulls a grape from the bunch, and his gaze is glued to mine. “Come here.” I walk toward him. My will to do anything else is nonexistent. I stand just a breath away. “Close your eyes,” he says. My heart rate increases and beads of sweat begin to drip down my back—possibly from the sun, but most likely from Stefan—as I obey. “Open your mouth.” He commands me, and with my eyes closed, his voice sounds so haunting, so suave. Again, I do as he says. The flesh of the fruit is pressed against my lips, and he runs it around my mouth but doesn’t place it inside. Then, he removes it. “Lick your lips.” I do as he says. The flavor is sharp and tart, but there’s a lingering sweetness. I say nothing, but with eyes closed, I await further instructions and am not disappointed. This time his voice is even closer, and I feel his hand on my hip. “Open again.” I part my lips, and the small fruit is placed inside. I let it roll around my tongue before puncturing its flesh, and the sweet, tart flavor overwhelms my taste buds. It’s heaven. As I chew and swallow the fruit, I’m aware of his hand on my body, and though my eyes are closed, I can feel his gaze all over me. His grip tightens momentarily, and he slides his hands up my back and into my hair. “Open your eyes.” As soon as I do, he tugs my head back and touches his lips to mine, sharing in the sweet flavor of the grape. His kiss is slow at first, then our tongues touch, and I taste only him. I slide my arms around his shoulders and pull him into me. I want him to know that I want this. I want him. My neck sways to the side as he forces my mouth open further, and he lets out a moan. It’s a guttural sound filled with desire. His hand slides down my back, over the curve of my ass . . . He stops. “Please,” I beg, but he shakes his head. “I’m finding it very difficult to remain a gentleman around you.” I raise my eyebrow. “So, don’t.”

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BLOG TOUR: Branded, Promo and Guest Post!

A Bad Boys Anthology

Jeanne McDonald
Jo Matthews
Mary Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth

Cover Design: Cover It Designs
Genre: Romance/Suspense

Summary: B.L. Wilde, Jeanne McDonald, Jo Matthews, Mary Elizabeth, and Sarah Elizabeth give us five good reasons why good girls love bad boys. The men of Branded are sexy, adventurous, and troubled deep into their souls. There may be no redeeming them, but at the risk of losing everything, these good girls must decide if loving their bad boy is indeed worth the cost.

Condemned by B.L.Wilde
Ten years served for a crime he didn’t commit. Ten years to lose everything he ever knew. Finally released from prison, Clayton McGuire is on a mission and nothing will stand in his way. He is determined to get revenge against the gang that set him up and take back what was stolen from him all those years ago.
Clay will stop at nothing to win back his honor and the heart of the only woman he has ever loved. Will she take him back when he finds her? Or will he be condemned to live a life without his soulmate?

Cover Design: FS Meurinne

Renegade by Jeanne McDonald
A chance meeting between a rookie cop and a common criminal who’s searching for a way out.  
An unforeseen circumstance.  An instant attraction.  A magnetic connection.
Tattooed, pierced, and foul-mouthed, she can’t help but be drawn to him.
Two people entirely wrong for one another, yet so perfectly right.
When their worlds collide, Lucy Diamond will learn the true meaning of love and sacrifice as she embarks on the road of no return with bad boy Jude Wallace.  
Like a thief in the night, love will take them both by surprise.

Cover Design: Jada D'Lee Designs
Desolation By Jo Matthews
Liam Jenkins grew up with everything he ever wanted. At age 17, his world is ripped apart and he finds himself without a home, without a car, and without money. His support system is gone and he is left to fend for himself. Not having any other option, Liam turns to sex and small crimes to survive.
When a beautiful woman chooses not to turn him into the cops but invites him to her hotel room instead, Liam’s world is flipped upside down again and everything he’s learned on the streets ceases to exist.
What will happen when one night with her isn’t enough? When she haunts his thoughts and dreams? When his past finally catches up with him, will he be able to start over? And will his mystery woman be there to see him through?

Cover Design: Jo Matthews
Low By Mary Elizabeth
Lowen Seely has been forced into making bad choices his whole life but none as consequential as the one that lands him behind bars. He thought times were tough before he was locked up; the boy from the hood learns living a law-abiding life is nearly impossible with a felony record.
He finds hope in Poesy Ashby, the girl who kissed him through glass partitions every weekend for two years.
Not everything is simple, but in her he finds strength.
In her, he is brave.
Even crooks love.
When Lowen and Poesy stare poverty in the face, he has another choice to make.
And this time, she’s driving.

Cover Design: Valentine S.

Don't Let Me Go By Sarah Elizabeth
Based almost entirely on body language, intimate feelings can develop within less than a minute of meeting someone.
Additionally, meeting in a dangerous situation increases the chances of falling in love.
This is that fall.
Where meeting her eyes means seeing it through.
Following down from the start to don’t let me go.
From roll up to run.
Between old glory and new beginnings.
This is what happens when a lamb is carried to the slaughter by courage, instead of a cowardly lion.

Cover Design: Bishop Clark

Guest Posts:

I asked: 

Explain the motivation behind your characters and what
types of challenges you faced along the way.

 Here are their replies:

Bee Wilde:

With Condemned, I wanted quite a feisty couple that was crazy about each other. I love writing bad boys, so I didn’t need much motivation.
With them spending ten years away from each other, I needed to make sure they had this lasting connection even while apart.
Clay was wronged and has spent ten years in prison. His character is quite complex, but the only thing that keeps him from falling apart is Brooke. She is is his only love, but to protect her, he turned his back on her when he was sentenced.
The main challenge I had with this story was making their love and the story believable. Brooke didn’t spend ten years alone. She had partners, and I hate having to do that, but when someone lets you go, you're not going to sit around for the rest of your life hoping they’ll come back one day.
It was difficult to capture that instant attraction when they saw each other again, too. Trying to create a case of first love never going away can be tricky, but I got there in the end.
Jeanne McDonald:

When I started Renegade, I wanted Jude and Lucy to be pretty much night and day. Good girls love bad boys, but a girl like Lucy usually wouldn’t have given Jude a second glance. The circumstances had to be just right for them to enter in each other's lives and to actually take notice of one another. My overall goal was to prove that love can come to us in many different ways if we’re open to accept it.
The biggest challenge I had with this piece was the ending. My head told me to go one way, but my heart (and the characters) demanded that I go the other. While it’s not the ending most people would’ve expected, it fits, because unconditional love sacrifices it all for the sake of love.

Jo Matthews:

When the other ladies and I first started talking about Branded and what the overall theme would be, it got me thinking. I didn’t want to write about your typical bad boy, but I did want him to be memorable. As much as I enjoy reading stories about tattooed felons and drug dealers, I needed Liam to be different. The plot of the story came easily to me. The challenge was in making Liam loveable, even though he was basically a man whore. I wanted the readers to feel sorry for him in a way, but know that he would do what was necessary to take care of himself.

Sarah Elizabeth:

I'm not sure how to answer this. If you're asking what their motivations are, CL, the speaker and protagonist, is led by friendship and loyalty, and a strong sense of boundaries. He's very much in his body, listening to gut instincts. Lamb, the sort runaway that becomes a hostage, is a reflection of that in  way. She's led by a sense of loyalty too, and that kind of freedom and abandon that you feel most (and maybe only truly) when you're young.
My motivation is truth, like to listen to them and tell their story the very best that I can.
 As far as challenges, it's hard to talk about without spoiling the story itself, but i felt and did things in Don't Let Me Go that I never have before, and I've been writing since I was a little kid. When I first started working with lamb and CL earlier this year, I had to put them on the back burner to work on projects with deadlines instead, but they wouldn't leave me be. They held on stronger than anything before and when Jeanne invited me to this compilation and I had a place for them, they literally took over my life, and by the end, I was wrecked. I've never had a writing hangover before, but it was real. It was physical. It took me weeks to recover, and I still feel like, not all the way there. Like, changed. I'm still raw from it.

I have trouble feeling and expressing pride in what I do, not just in writing, but in pretty much all things. Ransom has affected me like nothing I've ever done before, though. I'm proud of it beyond compare and love CL in a way I've never loved before. there were so many firsts with him that set him apart from other loves in my heart, and writing this taught me so much. So while this like, sharing-it-with-the-world part is usually difficult, challenging to my nerves, with these two, it's not at all. I stand full of love and confidence by every single word, and am so happy to finally be sharing this story.

Meet the Authors

B.L. Wilde
B.L. Wilde is a British author obsessed with many things, including heated love stories. Fully supported by her husband, she can often be found at her desk working on her next project.
Her journey into the world of erotica began when she started writing online stories over three years ago, and she hasn't looked back since.
Facebook      |     Goodreads         |     Twitter
Blog          |     Website

Jeanne McDonald
Jeanne McDonald began telling stories at the ripe young age of five, when her mother considered the truth to be a lie due to her extensive embellishment to the retelling of an event.  She wrote her first short story when she was twelve years old, and at the age of sixteen she tried her hand at poetry.  She reconnected with her love for writing in 2010 thanks to the encouragement of a dear friend.
Her passions include a "mild" Starbucks addiction, music, reading, quotes, movies, and romance.  When she's not spending time with her family, she can be found reading, writing, chatting with her friends or diligently working toward her bachelor's degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology.  A proud Texan, Jeanne currently resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her family.

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Jo Matthews
Jo Matthews is an Arizona native, where she lives with son. A stay-at-home mom since 2007, she only recently discovered her love and passion for the written word. When she’s not writing, she’s usually knee deep in editing—an aspect she thoroughly enjoys.
As an editor, she has propelled quite a few authors into the published world, and with her skills, has landed several stories on Amazon’s Top Sellers lists.

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Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth is an up and coming author who finds words in chaos, writing stories about the skeletons hanging in your closets. Known as The Realist, she is one half of The Elizabeths—a duo brave enough to never hide the truth. Born and raised in Southern California, she’s a wife, mother of four beautiful children, and dog tamer to one enthusiastic Pit Bull and a prissy Chihuahua. She’s a hairstylist by day but contemporary fiction, new adult author by night. Mary can often be found finger twirling her hair and chewing on a stick of licorice while writing and rewriting a sentence over and over until it’s perfect. She discovered her talent for tale-telling accidentally, but literature is in her chokehold. And she’s not letting go until every story is told.

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Sarah Elizabeth
love’s listener is a lone wolf born a unicorn with a red panda soul and a heart she drew herself. friend, sister, elizabeth, and true love, she’s a messenger that makes art with words and love with art. she’s been yelly, yellowglue, squeak, cuppycakes, precious pinks, warren, little grey, a girl named ben, and sarahbear.  she’s a synesthete, a heart junkie, a truth seeker and secret keeper. poet half, sun half, and total scripturient, Sarah’s work is equal parts her passion, sanctuary, precipice, vice, adventure, restorative, deliverance, and joy. she currently resides in Kansas City, and she’s bringing Rococo back.

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